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Custom Print - Woven

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This is a 'supply your own design' product. 

Steps to printing a custom design with us:

STEP 1: Place your request (MOQ 10m per design)

Once you place your order and email your file to us we will organise a sample to be printed and images to be taken.  Once you have confirmed you are happy with the sample of the pattern you will be advised of the print schedule.  All custom items must paid in full PRIOR to printing commencement.  

STEP 2: Send us your design file and print instructions

If your file is small enough you can email it to us at  Alternatively you can file share via Dropbox or Cloud, etc.  You will need to ensure that the pattern quality is no less than 300DPI, and it is a repeat/seamless pattern.  

STEP 3: Receive an order confirmation

Once you have submitted your request via email a member of our team will be in contact with you to confirm details of your print request.  Details we will require from you are:

  • Confirmation of fabric design and meterage
  • Scaling of pattern (please ensure it is a repeat pattern as we are not able to adjust the image in any way)
  • Printing schedule (we only run designs once per month) and expected timeframes
  • Confirmation of delivery method

STEP 4: Sample is generated

Once we have confirmed details we will forward the design to our printer who will generate a sample.  A photograph will be taken of the design and forwarded to you for confirmation.  It is important to remember that due to screen/monitor differences and variations colours may appear differently to the final product.  

STEP 5: Fabric is printed

Once you have confirmed the sample print and paid the final invoice we will advise of the next print schedule and commence printing (occurs once per month).  Printing typically takes 10-14 days to complete.  You will need to allow for 8-10 weeks for the arrival of your designs

STEP 6: Delivery

Your fabrics will be delivered to your nominated address within 8-10 weeks of printing commencement.  Internal cardboard bolts will not be supplied to allow for ease of postage.   

It is important to note that we WILL NOT print any licenced designs (i.e. Disney, Bluey, Marvel, May Gibbs, etc.) and any request that is submitted which we feel may breach commercial licencing rules/laws will be cancelled and an email will be sent to you advising why this has occurred.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you hold the correct licence for the artwork/design.